Schools & Organizations

Welcome to The School of Life Project, a cutting-edge educational initiative aimed at raising the emotional I.Q. of students.

The first decade has shown that the longitudinal study, time-lapse capabilities of video can contribute greatly to emotional growth and self-awareness.

Bringing the School of Life Project to your organization can:

  • Help educate the total child and build self-awareness
  • Help kids set goals and make better choices
  • Realize a large return on a very small investment
  • Leverage Project output for highly effective fundraising

How it Works

Setting up the School of Life Project is a simple process that we will walk you through.

Get Started

Please contact us to bring The School of Life Project to your school, library, or public service organization. The costs are extremely reasonable, and grant money may be available to place a School of Life Project Video Journal kiosk in your school now!

Contact us

Issaquah School District in Washington is a great example of The School of Life Project in action. Visit their website to see how they’ve integrated our “5000 Days” curriculum and School of Life Video Journals into their educational system.

For Teachers

The School of Life Video Journal Project acknowledges that teachers are on the front line of helping their kids become more self-aware. Hopefully, the Video Journal will be one tool that can help teachers in that endeavor because:

  • Our approach acknowledges just how thinly spread all staff members—especially teachers—are in managing all of the challenges.
  • The kiosk manages the process in a hands-off and efficient manner.
  • Participation takes virtually no time from teachers other than helping to introduce the opportunity to their kids and allowing them the 20-40 minutes necessary each year to create their Video Journal entries.

Legal/Risk Management Information

Legal / Risk Assessment teams must review two areas:

  1. Agreements – There are two agreements that must be executed:
    • Between School of Life Project and your organization
    • Between The School of Life Project and the students/parents
  2. Privacy – Should you elect to store Video Journal entries on the school’s server, an acceptable level of privacy must be guaranteed to the student until such files are given back to the student upon graduation. In this event, maintaining privacy is your organization’s responsibility.

IT Teams

The child can do the work of answering the difficult questions but if the voice and picture are not captured in an adequate way then it’s all for naught. The IT Team is generally responsible for the following tasks:

  • Ensure the kiosk is set up and working properly
  • Coordinate with School of Life Project IT staff to monitor storage of captured interviews

Administrative Assistants

Depending upon how the educational establishment is set up, the Administrative Assistants in the project primarily do the following:

  • Send out letters and emails offering the opportunity to parents and students
  • Identify the room in the library or other locations where the interview sessions can take place, and manage a schedule accordingly
  • Coordinate with IT on equipment setup