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The School of Life Project can help kids understand the intellectual, emotional, social and physical forces at work within them and assist in having them make more informed choices. By asking a series of questions and recording the answers, the School of Life Project Video Journals provide an outlet where kids can fully express themselves in a safe setting, encouraging them to verbalize everything they are feeling. Create an opportunity to increase your children’s emotional I.Q. by helping them become more self-aware.

And at the end, you’ll have a priceless time capsule of your child’s life.

How it works

Starting as early as age four, students get the opportunity to record themselves once a year responding to a series of questions posed via a computer-automated interview. Their answers are then safely stored.

Privacy and Safety

We know you are vitally concerned with your child’s safety and privacy. We are too. All Video Journal files are 100% confidential, securely recorded and safely stored.

Visit Issaquah School District’s homepage for the Project.

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What you and your child get:

  • One computerized interview a year and safe, secure storage.
  • Upon graduation from eighth grade, participants are then given a file containing a time capsule of their interviews.

Cost: FREE

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The School of Life Project can be a vital asset to the health of your child and your child’s school.

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