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The 5000 Days Project: LISTEN episode below, featuring West Point Grey Academy’s Liam and Jonny Carson and filmed over a period of 13 years, illustrates the value of the School of Life Video Diary Project.

In 2001, filmmaker Rick Stevenson set out to make a documentary series, The 5000 Days Project. His plan was to interview 60 children in the Seattle area annually for 13 years (5000 days) and ask each one a series of questions that would reveal what it’s like to grow up in America today. 5000 days later, the project expanded into ten countries and transformed into The School of Life Project.

What Stevenson has witnessed over the years is much more profound and sobering than even the growth of a child. In nearly every interview, he has experienced firsthand the vulnerability and challenges that face kids and the isolation they feel during their teenage years. As sobering as the interviews have been, they have also been promising.

We believe that every child is legendary, and we believe that kids and teens have within themselves the keys to unlocking their own futures in the face of myriad external pressures and expectations. We believe, in fact, that kids are their own best authors of their lives, and that learning to tell their own stories as they run the gauntlet of adolescence is a vital means of helping kids find themselves before they lose themselves.

Our Mission: The School of Life Project empowers kids to unleash the potential of their own stories into their own lives.

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“Beyond love, shelter, food and security, perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give a child is a sense of emotional awareness. Even as adults we recognize and yet can still struggle with the puzzling psychological, familial and instinctive forces that influence our choices and ultimately the course of our lives.

Throughout the course of this project, we’ve found that there is nothing more empowering than to give our youth the ability to move from victim to master of those mysterious forces and to realize that they are, and can be, the authors of their own lives.”

- Rick Stevenson, Director/Founder

Rick Stevenson was recently profiled as a Game Changer in Australia’s The Collective.