Film Projects

The first decade of The School of Life Project has highlighted a startling revelation:

Almost every child, regardless of education, privilege, or background, feels completely alone, like he or she is the only one experiencing certain feelings.

Children tend to feel too old to talk to their parents and too young to talk to each other. This normally results in years of adolescent turmoil where confidence and self-image plummet and desperate decisions are made.

The effectiveness of The School of Life Project is highlighted through films and viral videos produced by School of Life Productions. These films and videos feature School of Life Ambassadors, brave kids who have chosen to step forward and share their stories with other School of Life Project kids.

The School of Life Film Projects exist to let children know in the most convincing way possible that they are not alone, as these films demonstrate. Film Projects are for children (and parents) who decide that they want to help others by sharing their stories. Ambassadors also become eligible for scholarships if and when their stories are told.


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