Data Security

What are the mechanisms used to store, archive and retrieve the video footage?

Files are offloaded via secure Wi-Fi connection to a secure Amazon Web Services S3 account immediately after recording. Files are offloaded in “slices” and reassembled on the server side, so there is zero risk of viewable video being intercepted via Internet hacking. Only the School of Life Project account administrator has access to the AWS S3 archives. When time comes for the conclusion of the Project, or for files to be transferred to ISD’s data servers, the archives may be accessed via the School of Life Project’s proprietary web-based download service using a password which will be created specifically for that purpose.

Where is the footage physically stored?

Amazon’s S3 Cloud servers are distributed and mirrored for rendundancy, so we cannot say where any particular file is physically stored at any particular time. This provides an added level of security.

Who has access to the footage?

The School of Life Project’s Director of Operations Greg Wright is the Project account administrator, and only he has access to the footage. File archives listings are monitored to ensure all files have been properly transferred, but video files themselves are only periodically spot-checked to ensure that audio and video are being properly recorded. No more than 1 or 2 seconds of any particular file is spot-checked.

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What access controls and additional mechanisms are in place to protect the privacy of students? What audit controls are in place to monitor unauthorized access?

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